Welcome to the ALC Family!

let's get to know each other and start the fun!

Meet your directors!

This year I am delighted to have Adam Goldberg as the ALC 1 director and Hirona Hono as the ALC 2 director! Additionally, Kazutoh Ishida, the Stanford Programs Senior Director, will be working with us closely to ensure an engaging, dynamic and successful program. Please read about each of them below.

What's Next?


We want to know about you! If you haven't already emailed your bio and picture to me, please do. We are putting them on the ALC website to share with the participants :)


In your interviews each of you discussed with me possible activities, company visits and guest panelists you thought would be a great addition to the program. So continue to think about what you would like to bring in regards to your interests, passions and connections. Next week you will receive an email from your director to set up a Skype call so you can discuss scheduling, have questions answered and get to know each other a little.

I hope all of you enjoy your summer before ALC begins, and I know you will enjoy the month of August :)

As always, if you need anything please call your parents (teasing - you can email me christy@viaprograms.org