Politics For the Public

America's Secret of Buying Elections

You Need Money to Run

How do you know your presidential candidates? On TV, on tee shirts, on Facebook... The average American watches 4 hours of television every day, so the politicians first instinct is to get a commercial so lots of people will see him or her. It is expensive to get Americans to hear you, it costs about $200,008 for one 30 second commercial on fox. Our population is too big to keep going door to door, lobbying for elections. Politicians running for President need to work on a much bigger scale by purchasing air time. How do politicians get all of this money so that the nation can know who they are? They either already have millions, or they can go ask large companies for donations. Lets say a Democratic candidate asks a right winged company for money. They might agree to give the Democrat that 2 hundred grand for a commercial as long as he or she agrees to create some rules favoring the Republicans if elected president. This is a way of bribing politicians into favoring the big companies rather than the American people. This political function turns politicians into a different person with different intentions. This is highly undemocratic and should be stopped.

What Can We Do????


Creating a small tax to fund presidential elections will stop this backstabbing chaos and rebirth our democracy, ultimately creating better lives for the REAL american citizens. DON'T LET MONEY RULE!! Know your candidates and start making a difference in our country as you should. YOU HAVE THE POWER!!

Bring Back Our Democracy

Get connected if you want keep money from ruling elections. We want to hear you! Log onto PAC.progressiveunited.org to petition against corporate spending in politics. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4OWQHXacKM4&feature=youtube_gdata_player