The College Journey

Will You Be Ready?

Level 1

Life is easy the summer before college. You feel free from school and you're ready to grow up.

Level 2

College is expensive so you have to work hard for lots of money; But you don't have a lot of time so go fast!

Level 3

You have made the money but now it is time to make the grade. You are a new kid at school and you have to figure out how to live on campus. It is pretty tough trying to find your way around campus. Not only that but you have to study hard and find a job. Good luck!

Level 4

A new class schedule means you'll have to find a new route to your classes. You'll also have to get to class on time, and continue to make money.

Level 5

You're still working hard but you are definitely getting the hang of life in college. You're making lots of money, and getting great grades! Keep up the good work!

Level 6

You have reached your senior year. You know campus like the back of your hand and you have been promoted at your job. You love life on campus but it is time to graduate. Good luck finishing your college journey.

Are you really ready for the real world though?