School Supply List

Heaton Middle School 2016-17

General Supplies

All students will need general supplies for class. If students are enrolled in specialty classes (Art, Construction Technology, Band, etc.), fees or additional materials may apply.

Required Supplies for 6th, 7th, and 8th grade

__ one 4'' binder

__ Heaton daily planner ($5, sold at school)

__ loose leaf paper

__ six one-subject college ruled spiral notebooks (approximately 12 for the entire year)

__ 1/4'' graph paper

__ colored pencils

__ pencils

__ pens (blue or black)

__ erasers

__ highlighters (pink, green, yellow)

__ small pair of scissors

__ 12'' ruler with inches and centimeters

__ 3-hole punched 2-pocket folder for homework

__ sticky notes/post-it notes (used regularly)

__ index cards

__ glue or tape

__ book fees for additional purchases ($15 estimated cost). Students are required to purchase novels during the school year for close reading and annotating in Language Arts.

8th Grade Science Only

__ 3-subject spiral bound notebook with page perforations (preferably with pockets)


__ 3-ring pencil bag

Classroom Donations Needed

We appreciate your generous donations. We are always grateful for additional supplies such as:

__ tissues

__ Clorox/Lysol wipes

__ hand sanitizer

__ extra spiral notebooks