9/11 Tragedy

Jack McCue

Who, what, when, where, why...

9/11 occurred on September 11, 2001 in New York City. A terrorist group named al-queda hijacked four aircrafts; the first two flew into the twin towers, the next plane hit the pentagon, and the last plane crashed in a field in Pennsylvania (history, 1, 2001). This was an act of terror on U.S soil.

Perspective #1

The terrorist al-queda planned an attack on U.S soil. Osama Bin Laden was the leader of putting this plan together. They wanted to hijack four planes. They were successful by hijacking all four. However only three of the planes hit the intended targets. Two flew into the twin towers and the other flew into the pentagon. The fourth plane was supposedly intended for the white house but instead it crashed into a field in Pennsylvania. We don't know for sure if the plane was intended for the white house or not. This is the worst terror attack on U.S soil.

Perspective #2

A conspiracy theory is that the government made this happen. Key government officials planned and went through with these attacks on their own country. The government did this in order to frame al-queda so that it looked like they were behind 9/11 because the U.S needed a good reason to go to war with these terrorists. They wanted to stop terrorists groups from spreading because they can be dangerous.

Media Bias Explained

Based on all the media I believe that al-queda was behind the attacks of 9/11. It is just hard to believe that the U.S would do this to themselves and risk all the tragedy. We would have to be some sick people to kill that many people in order to promote us to go to war. I believe this was a terrorist attack by al-queda and Osama Bin Laden.

Criticism #1

This incident had a lot of cultural criticism. All muslims and middle eastern people are looked at differently. Since al-queda were muslim and middle eastern whenever someone sees a person with a turban on their head or they look like they are from the middle east people always give them weird looks and whenever they are in public people always have that fear in the back of their head that they might be a terrorist.

Criticism #2

This event always has an effect on historical criticisms. Before 9/11 people could go into airports and they wouldn't ask any questions to anybody and security was not as strict. Now airport security is super strict and you can not get through with anything which is a good thing so another incident like 9/11 does not happen. Also if you look middle eastern the security at the airport will ask them all kinds of questions like if they have been to the middle east lately. So since 9/11 happened airports are a lot more strict with security
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911 First Plane Crash