Traveling with a newborn

How they can stay safe in a car or plane

Link to a car seat safety video

Depending on the age, the car seat for your child will be different, as a newborn to 2 years old , your child should have a rear facing car seat. Should remain in back of car away from airbags. A study in the journal Injury Prevention found "that children under the age of 2 are 75% less likely to die or be injured in a crash if they are rear facing" (Emmons). (New AAP Car Seat Safety Guidelines...")

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Car seat guide

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Needed traveling items

You should always travel with the most necessary items But of course depending on what time of the year it is, you should bring different items. Remember, having more then one item is good.

Spring & summer:




Changing mat

Baby wipes

Bag for dirty diapers if not accessible to a trashcan

Bag for dirty clothes

Change of clothes(want shorts with a shortsleeve shirt to keep baby cool

Sunscreen suitable for infants

Sun hat so baby head won't get burned{also helps keep baby cool}

Formula with water & breastmilk


Winter and fall:



Changing mat

Baby wipes


Bag for dirty diapers if not accessible to a trashcan

Bag for dirty clothes

Jacket or sweater

Warm booties



Change of clothes{warm long sleeve shirt, pants,socks}

CPR Tips

CALL 911 tell someone to call 911

1-Shout and tap child to see if their is response if their is no response, put baby on back and start CPR

2-Give 30 compressions on chest at rate of 100 per minute, use only 2 fingers. press on a third of the chest

3-Open airway using head tilt lifting of the chin, don't tilt head too far back\

4-Give 2 gentle breaths, each breath should be 1 second long, should see chest rise

5-Continue until chest arrives

(CRP Instructions for Infants)

Infant CPR website:

Traveling on a plane

Make sure your child has the correct vaccines before all traveling

Bring extra clothes that are easy to change, formula, diapers

Stick to feeding and sleeping routines

first aid kit and prescription meds

Health insurance with your child's health info with contacts for doctors

FAA approved car seat

diaper rash lostion

change of clothes for yourself

*Baby should be feeding when taking off and landing to reduce pressure on ears

Have a blanket for child

only enough diapers to last just for the plane, You can buy these items once you land


Web MDs article-"Baby on a Plane, How to Prepare"