Have a dispute?

This is a brochure designed to show you just how Palacios and Law handles your disputes

Room-mate stealing money? Not getting that $20 rightfully earned by you in that bet with your friends? We'll show you the process of the civil court to see if you want to get the money you deserve.
First things first, you have to hire a lawyer. That's where we come in, and we'll be there with you every step of the way if we are your choice. Secondly you, the plaintiff, will have your lawyer officially file a complaint. This complaint will get you one step closer to get your money back or your money that you deserve. The third step doesn't really involve you, the court orders, or summons, the defendant or the person that the complaint was filed against to come to court. Now before we go to court, we will hold a Pretrial conference because sometimes we can help prepare the trial through this or even settle the dispute without having to go through the court. Both parties meet up with a judge and their lawyers. We've now reached the discovery phase, where we put all of our evidence together with the other litigants, like witnesses and such. If mediation was not found in the Pretrial conference or after we used a third party in arbitration, we now present our evidence of our sides in a trial. If you choose Palacios and Law, I can promise that this will be a battle, as we have the highest court winning percentage in town. Our law firm has always surpassed the standard of the preponderance of evidence just as we will in your case. After we battle it out in court, if we find it necessary we will make an appeal to a higher court, but more than likely, the judge will make his or her verdict.

And that, will be your experience in civil court if you decide to settle your dispute with us!