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2D and 3D Animation Systems

Amazing Family Entertainment with 2D and 3D Animation Systems

Animation refers to the process of making inanimate things appear as if they were in motion. This is achieved by displaying the stationery images in a continuous sequence of images that slightly differ from each other. This results in the image appearing as if they were in motion. These animations are then recorded and stored as digital images, motion picture film or even on video tape. The images are recorded with these varying shapes and are played back continuously to achieve the motion effect. The playback time for the pictures to appear moving is set at 24 views per second.

Development of Animation Systems
Original animation systems involved photographing individual pictures one at a time then playing them continuously. This was a highly labor intensive process. Later the process became easier with the creation of a stationery background and moving object in the fore ground.
With the invention of computer technology animation has become easier to undertake and incorporate special effects in the films.
Advanced animation softwares are currently being used allowing designers to improve on their creativity. These softwares include anime studio pro, Benetton movie GIF, Cylekx 2.9, and Digicel flipbook.

Features of 2D and 3D Animation Systems
Two dimensional animations involve creation of images in two planes which are the vertical and the horizontal. Bit map graphics are used and editing is done using 2D vector graphics. The actual creation process of the 2D involves sketching characters from different angles with the use of onion skin software tool.
It is regarded more tedious to create 2D animation because each frame must be drawn individually.
3D animation is animation in a three dimensional plane that has the length, width and height. It is achieved by creation of a digital 3 dimensional mesh that is manipulated based on the manipulators design.
Its creation involves digital modeling resembling physical sculpting rather drawing. The creator must be aware of the appearance of the object from various views. After the sketch has been made, the form can be filled and properly textured. Motion is created by changing the pose and placement of the model thus relatively easier to implement.

3D Modeling
This is the technique of creating a mathematical illustration of a three dimensional object. The result is called a 3D model. The main feature of the 3D modeling is the use of geometric shapes and points to create the position of the object.
The main advantage of 3D modeling is the ability to simplify complicated concepts through images as well as create complex interrelationships allowing great entertainment pictures to be produced. Kindly Visit -
With 3D modeling, unreal events and actions can also be produced to enhance the entertainment.

Where to Find Animation Services
Currently animation services are available online with many designers available who are creative and talented. Creation of commercials using 3D animations has also gained popularity.

2D and 3D animation is the creation of motion in stationary and in animate things.2D animation involves creating motion by playing a series of picture frames each slightly different from the preceding one at a pace of 24 frames per second.

3D animation involves creation of a 3 dimensional frame work of an object with motion created by manipulating the background or the pose of the image. With this technology, great entertainment motion pictures have been achieved.

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