Warriors Don't Cry Photo Analysis.

By - Allie Davis

Photo Analysis

In this photo the author is trying to convey the hatred that the white people had against the colored people. I would say this because when looking at the picture you can see the white men and women giving the one colored woman rude looks and even screaming at her. Also you can see a man laughing at the colored woman and everyone else is just staring at her. The last reason that I would say this is because you can see two police officers that are watching people yell at the colored woman but they are not doing anything about it.

Cartoon Analysis

In the cartoon that has been drawn the author is trying to convey that the white and colored people where forced to integrate because of the government. I say this because when looking at the cartoon you see the two white police officers pushing the white girl and colored girl together. Another reason that I would say this is because the title of the cartoon is "Brotherhood by Bayonet" that means they had to be friends and were threatened by guns. The last reason that I would say this is because under the cartoon it says "Start loving each other. That's a court order", that shows that the court was forcing the integration upon the people.

Comparing and Contrasting the Photo and Cartoon

The photo and the cartoon are both trying to show how integration was during that time period. Another comparison that you can see that the police officers in both pictures are forcing the whites and the colored people together. The cartoon is showing the integration in a way that is not how it would normally look. The picture shows a real view of what integration looked like and it is different from how it is displayed in the cartoon. Another contrast that I noticed was how in the cartoon you can understand what was going on during that time and why they where integrating while in the picture you can't understand what they are saying and without background information.