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Our Technology Team

Our school technology committee meets once a month and is working hard to take our school's technology to the next level. This newsletter was created to share our information with you. If you have questions please see one of our representatives!

Special Ed.-Lynne Hood

6th Grade- Jason Minacci

5th Grade- Greg Pituch

4th Grade- Jen Collins and Katie Roskovensky

3rd Grade- Kim McIntyre

2nd Grade- Angela Buckler

1st Grade- Amy Pituch

Kindergarten-Ashley Krout

Specialists- Melissa Lanigan and Ashley Gonzalez

District Member- Andy Shelow

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End of Year Technology Procedures

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Here is the scoop....

Upstairs Carts (Macbooks and Netbooks)

If you are in charge of a cart, please make sure the cart is placed in the computer lab before you leave for the end of the year.

Downstairs Carts (IPads and Thinkpads)

The carts will be stored in Conference Room C. If you are in charge of a cart, please make sure the cart is placed in Conference Room C before you leave for the end of the year.

Classroom Technology (Teacher computers, Netbooks, and Classroom IPads)

Place all classroom devices together in one of your cabinets. A "Computer Minion" print out was placed in your mailbox today and was sent to you in your email incase you need to print extras. You are to tape the minion print out on the cabinet or closet as to where you will be storing your devices. This will allow the tech department to easily locate your devices. If you have MAC desktops, leave them where they are.

NOTE: A form was sent out this week in your email about teacher laptops and your summer plans. We would like to know who is taking them home and who is leaving them at school. This will help the tech department if they need to find your laptop. Please complete the Google Form (Here or below) if you have not done so already on your summer tech plans. Please specify the location of where your laptop will be located. Thank you!

Any questions, please see a tech department member!

Ideas to Start off the 2016-2017 School Year (or now!)

QR Codes

QR codes are easy to make and can be used for many different things from bathroom passes to kids work. Find out how to use them, how to make them, how kids can use them and ideas for displaying them. Click here to learn more!

Southern Academy Technology Training Course!

Please consider taking my Southern Academy course that will be held August 2nd, from 8:00am-4:00pm. If you love integrating technology into your classroom or would like to learn how, I am going to provide a wide variety of resources and time for your to develop your own resources to use this up and coming school year. Please see my class description below. Thank you!

Feeling like you want to use technology in your classrooms but do not know where to start? Are you looking to integrate technology into successful lessons you already have but are not sure how? Then come explore this course! In this professional development course for teachers, you'll learn the secrets of technology integration in the classroom, gaining the skills educators need to use technology effectively. You'll discover simple ways to integrate

technology to enhance your subject material and meet your course goals. We'll explore quick-and-easy, standards-based solutions for more interactive lesson plans, exciting WebQuests, and challenging assignments.

Whether you're new to the integration process or already use emerging technologies in your classroom, this course is a must for all of today's teachers who often have to produce more and more in less and less time. By the end of our time together, you'll have a treasure of ideas for integrating all types of technology into your lesson plans across the curriculum!

Inspirational video for educators

Our Technology Accomplisments

Our SES 2015-2016 Technology Accomplishments!

  • Projectors have been used K-6 to enhance instruction.

    • Projectors have allowed students to showcase their work and present their work to their peers.

  • Special Education teachers have used Google Forms this year to collect data for IEP goals.

  • Google Hangouts for meetings and collaboration.

  • IPADS have been helpful and enhanced research methods with second grade and first grade.

  • Student created digital portfolios to display the projects and pictures throughout the year. Parents also had the ability to view and comment on their child’s work.

  • Google Classroom was used 3-6 for various lessons, assignments and feedback on projects. It has been a great way to collaborate with students and provide quick and easy feedback.

  • Google Documents were shared among staff members to increase collaboration.

  • Teacher Twitter Accounts!!!

  • Professional Development sessions offered by Ashley Gonzalez

  • Devices used a lot throughout our building-increased dialogue and collaboration using our carts and IPADS.

  • Art and Library using Google Classroom.

  • As a Building Tech Team-We provided resources, webinars and feedback to integrate technology into grade levels and classrooms using SMORE and Google Sites.

What are our 2016-2017 goals for next year? What concerns, resources or projects should we have in place or ready to work on? Have an idea, question, or comment? Please email Ashley Gonzalez.

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