Post-ECF Mixer ~

freshmen & juniors: come mingle with some SACers!


You are invited to a post-ECF Ice Cream/In-N-Out Mixer. The event will take place right after ECF at the home of one of the couples from our church (Sou & Quan Lee). It'll be a casual time where we'll get to know each other better, play some games (taboo, stupid-korean-games (i.e. king kong shower, viking, mafia...etc)), and eat junk!

yum yum yum

Friday, Nov. 9th 2012 at 9-11:30pm

1105 Yarrow Pl, Richmond, CA 94806

Please RSVP with Tiffany Kwan or text 510-708-1063!

Juniors :: please round up the freshmen after ECF and find the Drivers!

DRIVERS - Look for us after ECF!