Camping Safety

How to stay safe and have fun while you're camping!


Do you ever wonder if you should put your fire out or let it die by itself? What about if you should let your kids wander or make them stay close? About 500 - 5,000 people per year die due to camping related accidents, and it's easier than you think to prevent.

General Safety Tips

-Carry a stocked first aid kit at all times while camping. Keep the contents organized so they are easy to access in an emergency.

-Never let approach wild animals. Do not attempt to feed them and keep your food away. Most wild animals get very territorial or protective when humans approach. Also, pay attention to snakes, insects, and other little critters. They may seem harmless, but they can also get protective or can cause bites or disease.

-Protect yourself from the sun. Wear sunglasses and sunscreen to keep your vacation enjoyable. Remember, sun rays can reflect off of snow, water or sand... even on cloudy days.

-Never hike alone. Always hike with a friend and tell someone else of your plans. Take water, snacks and sunscreen in case of emergencies. Also be aware of the weather and have a GPS or compass.

-Supervise your children. Never let children wander alone and never let them near cliffs, rocks, water, etc. that look unsafe. Agree on a location to meet in case of emergency.

-Don't eat anything that you find on the trail or in the woods. Even if you think something looks safe, make sure it doesn't go into anyone's mouth.

Fire Safety

-Clear the area before you start your fire.

-Construct a "fire ring" or a barrier of rocks around your fire so it doesn't get out of hand.

-Have a bucket of water and shovel for emergency. If you can, keep a fire extinguisher near.

-NEVER build a fire near your tent.

-NEVER use flammable fluid to start your fire.

-NEVER, EVER leave your fire unattended.

-Make sure to completely extinguish your fire when you're done.

First Aid Kit Safety


-Personal Medication

-Roll Bandages

-Medical Tape


-Gauze Pads

-Cotton Swabs


-Safety Pins


-Bee Sting Kit

-Sinus Medications


-Bug Repellent


-Plastic Bags


-Ace Bandages


-Hydrogen Peroxide





-Nail Clippers