Ben Stiller

Biography by:Jacob

Personal Life

Ben Stiller was born on November 30,1965 in New York Ben Stiller's parents were already famous when he was born.His parent are Jerry Stiller and Anne Stiller. Jerry Stiller is Jewish, and Anne Stiller is Irish, but his family was "never vary religious".He has a older sister Amy. Ben Stiller attended The Cathedral School of ST. John the Divine and graduated from the Calhoun School University in New York in 1983. Stiller's parents frequently took him on the sets of there appearances,including The Mike Douglas Show when he was six.He stated in an interview that he considered his childhood:"in some ways,it was a show business upbringing-a lot of traveling,a lot of late nights-not what you'd call traditional. However, he still went to school worked hard got married in 2000 to Christine Taylor and had two children.

Over coming Obstacles

He was lucky because his parents were already famous, however; Ben Stiller still worked hard to become famous. He started acting at the age of fifteen on a soap opera show (Guiding Light), broad way, comedian (MTV), actor in movies and later became a directer. His television show with MTV was The Ben Stiller Show, which was a comedy show. Finally having been an actor in a few movies in 1990's Mr. Stiller showed off his Directing skills for the first time (acted too) in the movie Reality Bites.

Honors and Awards

Ben Stiller was an accomplished comedic performer, actor and director and here are some of his most prestigious awards:

  • 1993: Emmy Award for Outstanding Individual Achievement.
  • 1993: Prime time Emmy Award for Outstanding Writing-Variety Series.
  • 1999: MTV Movie Award for Best Fight.
  • 2001: MTV Movie Award for Best Comedic Performance.
  • 2002: Teen Choice Award for Choice Hissy Fit: Film.
  • 2005: MTV Movie Award for Best Villain.
  • 2007: Kid's Choice Wannabe Award.
  • 2009: MTV Generation Award.
  • 2015: Kids choice Award for Favorite Movie Actor.