Research, Writing, Close Reading


Connection to Literature

Students are practicing close reading skills with their first chapter book, "Mr. Popper's Penguins"! This is students' first experience with true listening comprehension due to the lack of illustrations and building upon prior knowledge by reading one new chapter each day. Students also find unfamiliar words, which are dictated to the teacher, then discussed to find meaning from the context or researched using the iPad.
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Research and Writing to Inform

Students learned about Author's Purpose and writing to inform. Students asked questions about penguins, and with guidance, researched the answers on the iPad. The result: a beautiful book written by the class called "All About Penguins"!
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Pennies for Penguins

Students are raising money for the Lehigh Valley Zoo for a fundraiser called "Pennies for Penguins," which raises money to support the nearly extinct African penguin population. To promote the fundraiser, students created a penguin of their own (with personality) and created an arctic habitat in the lobby to display them, as many penguins also live in colder climates.

Author's Purpose- Persuasion

Students are currently working on a penguin-based piece of writing to persuade our principal to allow us to keep a penguin in the classroom, if one should ever be mailed to us as it was to Mr. Popper. Students are learning to cite EVIDENCE to support their opinions and persuade others.