Newly discoverd wild animal on the loose

By Ewan Frazer


This animal has large ears used to give it excellent sense of hearing and to cool the animal because its blood flows quickly to the tissue around its ears. Its Large ears prevent it from getting to hot during the day and losing body heat at night. This creature’s long snout gives it an excellent sense of smell which helps it catch small prey such as little invertebrates. The animals extended tongue assists the animal when feeding on fungi, root, bulbs and insect larvae. This animal’s claws are used for digging up ants to eat and hiding under the dirt to protect it. This animal has spikes to protect it by covering it's whole body so other animals cant attack it. This creatures Rear-end is used to stop predators because it is very boney. This is used by stopping in full speed while the predator is chasing it and knocking the predator out. This animal’s habitat is around northern Queensland and around forest areas.

Do not harm this animal in the wild as it might be the last thing you do. If you see one of these animals in the wild move back slowly and don’t harm it. Then just tell a parent and they will ring the RSPCA or any other animal control companies that are close. This animal has an incredible sense of hearing and smell which means It could hear you and smell you from a long way away.

Where was this animal first sighted?

This animal was first found in northern Queensland but is usually found in forest though this animal is extremely hard to find. The man that first found it was going through the forest when hit a hole and found a strange looking creature burried in dirt.