World War II in Action

By: Jaybre M. Acres

World War II explanation

World War II started September 1st,1939 and was one of the most brutally wars' in history.A man

name Hitler came into power of Germany in January 30,1933 this man would start World War II as he leads a unprovoked attack on Poland.Resulting in England and France declaring war on Germany which lead to 6 years of war time for the entire world ending in September 2nd,1945.

Five Facts About World War II

There's many things that were going on before World War II, during ,and after the war that changed nations. One:fact about World War II is that two nations were suffering before the War but these two nations were the two super-powers for their side (Allies,Axis) and those two nations were Germany and the USA as they were both suffering a great depression.America's depression lead to Germany's depression as America was helping Germany pay for WWI as Germany was blamed for starting it, but America's stock markets crashed resulting in no more help form America making both nations go through a depression. Two: Germany was desperate for anything and their calls were answered by Adolf Hitler who said he can solve all of Germany's problems by stop paying for World War I and stop following the no more than 100,000 personal Hitler as leader made the Nazi party and started requesting mass production on weapons pulling Germany out of their depression. Three: The United States didn't want to be a part of World War II but, Japan attacked Pearl Harbor on December 7,1941. President Roosevelt asked congress for the United States to declare war on Japan which congress did pulling the United States out of the great depression because the United States had to open its factories again and improve every thing to survive World War II.Four Germany and the USSR had a pact to not attack each other, but the Sovients were supposed to stay out of the war. In June 22,1941 Germany was running low on oil and the Sovients had a lot of oil so Hitler ordered a full out invasion on the Sovient Union. This surprise attack made the Sovients join the Allies this invasion was almost successful, but the German's weren't prepared for the winter in Sovient territory making all of their equipment useless but the Sovients were completely ready and pushed the Germany's back.Five Japan and China's relationship is not that very good due to World War II because Japan started invading Manchuria in 1931, and then invading China in 1937 and a lot of horrific events occurred including raping, killing and a lot more horrible things resulting in their relationship being so low today.
World War II: Crash Course World History #38

Nations and People Involed in World War II

There are many people and nations that were apart of World War II. Isn't easy to pick who was the most important in the war as every nation that was apart of World War II was important. It's even harder to pick people that were important to this war, but I think the most important people in this war is the person who started it and ended it. President Roosevelt is one of the most important people during World War II.As he lead the United States through World War II but also lead the nation through the depression as he was making jobs and other things to help the nation stand. He was a big involment in the war and making America's name stand proud and tall. Hitler was the biggest involment in the war as he started it by invading Poland. Nobody wanted another World War because World War I ended 18 years ago and nations were still suffering for World War I so World War II didn't do any good for the world. Last person who was a great involment in the war was President Truman as he was the one that ended World War II he made a bold decision by using the Atomic Bombs to bomb Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The world is changed by this destructive weapon and many fear its power making and naming the United States a world superpower.
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Two ways World War II Affected Texas

World War II affected all the states in the United States Texas one of the states that changed for good. Before World War II Texas had a low population there were more people in New York City than the entire state of Texas, but when the United States got involved in the World War that all changed. 1,500,000 military personnel were on Texas soil farmers and other people in Texas that didn't have jobs due to the great depression started to work at factories and other things to help the cause. The great depression started to turn into a bad memoir. After the war Texas was a changed state it became more urban than rural the manufacturing increased the population grown the economy changed, and today is the most growing state in the nation thanks to World War II.

Why I Choose World War II

A Reason I picked World War II is because my parents are veterans and this topic shows my respect for them and the others that were in this war. My parents weren't in this war but they have been through training and other things making me think of them when I talk about World War II. The other reason is because this topic is interesting, heartbreaking, and shows are nations and other nations' strength as this has changed are nation as a whole and the entire world. The only thing that changed are nations name and power is the Atomic Bomb as it listed us as a superpower and made people afraid of us, but now we stand as a example for the world not to mess with us and show other nations that there's always hope in the world even if there's a strong evil.