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The transmission control protocol (tcp) is one of the core protocols of the internet protocol suite (ip) and is so common that the entire suite is often called TCP/IP. TCP provides reliable,ordered, error-checked delivery of a stream of octets between programs running on computers connected to a local area network, intranet or the public internet.

it resides at the transport layer.

web browsers use TCP when they connect to servers on the world wide web, and it is used to deliver email and transfer files from one location to another

The protocol corresponds to the transport layer of TCP/IP suite. TCP provides a communication service at an intermediate level between an application program and the Internet Protocol (IP). That is, when an application program desires to send a large chunk of data across the Internet using IP, instead of breaking the data into IP-sized pieces and issuing a series of IP requests, the software can issue a single request to TCP and let TCP handle the IP details.

IP works by exchanging pieces of information called packets. A packet is a sequence of octets (bytes) and consists of a header followed by a body. The header describes the packet's source, destination and control information. The body contains the data IP is transmitting.