Sleeping in the Workplace!

By: Akia Stinson


Lillian was supposed to be working at the front desk of 'Bright Smile' dentist office. Instead, she was asleep. Many patients came and were outraged by the lack of professionalism that she displayed. One patient decided to contact Lillian's boss.

Lillian's boss, Thomas Williams, had been getting complaints about her conduct and decided it was now time that he stepped in. He was a very strict, orderly man but also fair. He confronted her about it after she lied to him he made the decision to fire her on spot.

Decision Making Process.

Decisions, Decisions, and More Decisions.

What is the ethical dilemma?

Lillian was showing misconduct at her workplace.

What are the facts of the situation? (At least two)

- She was sleeping on duty

-She was ignoring the patients.

What are the alternatives and consequences? (Two each)

- She could have used a sick day to rest at home.

- She should have just stayed up.

* She lost the trust her boss had in her.

* She was fired.

Determine the course of action?

- Fire her.

Evaluate your decision.

I think he made a smart move firing her. There should be no reason why you are openly sleeping on duty and ignoring the patients.