5th Grade Data Digs 9/8/15

Takeaways, Plus & Deltas



Make sure to model how to use the Place Value Chart strategy, as well as the Expanded Form value for comparing and ordering numbers. Also, making sure that the students are using the strategies as non-negotiable.


Small Group Instruction using Graphic Organizers.

Read to Self using response cards with questions that are specific to TEKS. Connect Character Traits with Sequencing for future events.

Suggested instructional practices: modeling how you want students to take a test, using a journal so that students can take notes as they are reading.


Process - How work gets done, manage & evaluated.
  • I really liked to analyze data but more important to incorporate that on this week lesson plan and how to work on small groups.
  • Kept the meeting focus
  • Breaking into small groups
  • Being able to collaborate with colleagues on strategies for next steps is a good tool
  • We followed the agenda

Relationships - How people relate to each other and their work.

  • Everyone did well not only offering advice on ways to re-teach but asked good questions to push thinking in regards to results.
  • Getting together to look @ data and asking how it was taught can help me to reteach a different way.
  • Great to hear different ideas from teachers about how they are making adjustments to lessons

Results - Accomplish the goal

  • Really positive environment even when both contents are in the same room.
  • Ideas from the team - feeling excited to modify my plan to add their ideas
  • I think starting the meeting off with an article was powerful and helped get the meeting focused


Process - How work gets done, manage & evaluated.
  • Allow for more time to discuss strategies and ways to teach, reteach
  • More time
  • More time to change things
  • Setting expectations for being prepared for meetings (bringing data results)

Relationships - How people relate to each other and their work.

  • Everyone needs to be prepared

Results - Accomplish the goal

  • I wonder if there was a tangible take away generated for teachers to take to class this week
  • Not understanding the expectation as to having the same quick check
  • A quick discussion on RtI students would be helpful, to discuss strategies we are/could use.
  • There was not common data to look at from Friday's Quick Check.

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