COD black ops Zombies

How to survive at least to round 7

Getting started

when you put the game in you go to zombies and to go to the level called kino der toten. Then when you get to the level dont buy the wepons in this room wait till the next room.But buy quick revive. Get enough points to open the next door then if you have enough points get the wepon on the wall. called the MP40.
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mystery box

The mystery box can be anywhere you get a random weapon. dont use it to many times or it will move to a different location.
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The theater

when you get in the theater. there will be monkey zombies. when you kill them they blow up a gas. Set the teliporter.

Pack a Punch

Pack a punch is a weapon upgrader. You can upgrade any weapon to make it hold more bullets and more powerful. The bullets will turn red ( only if you have a machine gun) But if you have a thunder gun it has way more powerful and more bullets it can hold.
Hope you survive till level 7 or more.