Temperance Movement

By: Anna and Hollie

Why did this reform movement occur?

Many citizens believed that many Americans were acting in an unethical manner and they feared that God would no longer bless the United States. They also thought that these immoral people would threaten the political system so they started the temperance movement. Women started the reforms because they suffered the consequences of their husbands uncontrollable drinking.

What did this movement hope to accomplish?

This movement hoped to make people consume no alcohol at all or little at most. Many temperance supporters were women because the men said that the women were best suited for the home. They used that against the men and said that they should play a role in helping the men who were making immoral decisions to redeem themselves.

Guaranteed to be no alcohol

What specific accomplishments has the reform already made?

In the 1870's many people had already started making political parties that were against the use of alcohol. By the time World War I started in 1914, many politicians were supporting the ban on alcohol and the conservation efforts for the war gave it more momentum. Congress then past the Level Act of 1917 that outlawed the use of grain in the manufacture of alcoholic drinks. Many state and local governments passed laws preventing the distribution and consumption of it.