India v.s. Pakistan

The tension between them and how the U.S. is involved...

The Tension between India and Pakistan

One reason why India and Pakistan are in a conflict is that they believe in different religions. Indians believe in Hinduism and Pakistanis believe in Islam. These two religions in no way, shape, or form get along. During the Indian Independence Movement, most of the Muslims moved out of India because they felt threatened by the Hindus since they thought they would take away Muslims rights in India and be treated unfairly. Many of them then moved to Pakistan in what was called the Partition. The Partition was when almost 14 million people moved either from India to Pakistan or Pakistan to India (according to their beliefs). This was the biggest event of immigration. While this happened, violence broke out and over 500,000 people died. This is why these two religions do not get along. The main reasons why India and Pakistan are fighting is that they both want control of Jammu and Kashmir. Kashmir is a valley located in a state called Jammu and Kashmir which is in India. Kashmir is surrounded by many tall mountains, which creates the source of the Indus river. Since India and Pakistan are part of a very dry desert region, the Indus river is the main and one of the only sources of water for both India, Pakistan, and the rest of the countries in that region. Both Pakistan and India want Kashmir because who ever controls Kashmir, (as of now India), controls the entire Indus river. They can build a dam or poison the river without the other countries knowing. Many countries that get water from the Indus feel threatened by the controller which is India which is why India and Pakistan have been fighting for the control of Kashmir since 1965. This is one of the reasons why India and Pakistan are fighting.

Timeline in order of the Indian and Pakistani Conflict

  • 8/14/1947- the Partition Started

  • 8/15/1947- India gained independence from Britain

  • 1947-1948- first war starts

  • 1965- second war starts

  • 1971 -third war starts

  • 2008- Mumbai Attacks

    • Ten terrorists from Pakistan killed 164 people

United States Involved?

  • The US should not be concerned with this conflict. These two countries both have nuclear weapons so if we get involved, it can start a big Nuclear war.It is not something the US should be involved with also because it is not our battle to fight. We should not get involved with something that does not directly affect the US. This is shown by when the US helped Afghanistan, and they ended up hating the US since we left. 9/11 and many terrorist groups like Al Qaeda can be traced back to this event. We are also currently in a war with Afghanistan.