Down Second Street

Mrs. Newman's Second Grade Newsletter


We finished our fractions unit today by reading Ed Emberley's, Picture Pie. We used wholes, halves, fourths, and eighths of circles along with our imaginations to create works of art. The students took their test on fractions yesterday. Those will be graded and sent home by the end of the week.



This week we have been reading, Bad Dog, Dodger! ,from our reading series. We will take our comprehension test over the story Friday. Look for your child's reading book in their backpack Thursday night. Don't forget, they can log that story on their reading log in their agenda! We will take our spelling test on Friday. The words this week all contain "oi" or "oy."

Donations Needed

If you're out and you see a sale on tissues, we would love it if you would pick up a box. Allergy season is in full swing and our little noses would really appreciate it. We only have 2 boxes left and we have 21 days of school.