Important Passwords & other Info


Employee Net (

This is where you can find your staff ID number:

1. Go to the district homepage. Under employee drop down menu select "Employee Net"

2. Enter your email username and password.

3. The page lists your information which includes your email and staff ID number.

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MackinVIA - To read and check out ebooks.

MackinVIA is an online collection of ebooks available to students and staff.

(click on below)

Username: staff ID

Password: staff ID

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MACKIN ADMIN - To create groups of ebooks

The administration part of Mackin allows you to create groups of books for students to use that pertain to an area of study. This is similiar to pulling a group of books from the library to use in class.

Username: e-mail address

Password: Staff ID

PEARSON (successnet)

Success Net by Pearson provides access to all student and teacher materials online for math, science, social studies, and GHGR. To find this go to "employeenet" and click on "apps" then teacher toolkit.

Username: your email

Password: staff ID plus Uppercase initials (ex: 123456AA)

DESTINY - To check in/out books and browsing

Go to the following website:

(*click below)

For searching: click on the "catalog" tab

For checking in/out: click on the "login" box in the upper right hand corner

Username: staff ID

Password: last 4 digits of your SSN

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