Kimberly Smith

Grievances Galore

The church has always been viewed as correct, the center of our lives, and a guide to being able to enter into heaven. But the church is not as perfect as we all think. The church is corrupt, the people are greedy and focused on secular objects instead of the spiritual growth and safety of its members.
The indulgences that the church has started selling are supposedly a way to secure a person's entry into heaven. This is a lie. The church cannot guarantee such a thing. The Pope can only declare that a person has been forgiven for their sins, he cannot forgive them for only God has that power and right.
Another grievance is the Pope's power. The Pope has too much power, he misuses his power, and we have been lead to believe that he has more divine power than he actually does. As I previously stated, the Pope does not have the power to forgive people of their sins. Neither does he have the power to guarantee a persons assent into heaven. He does not have the divine authority to do the things he claims he can do.

Selling Indulgences for Their Own Indulgence

"Indulgences" Aren't Real!!

The Pope claims to have the ability and right to do many things. While he does have the divine right to do many things, there are also many things that he does not have the ability to do. The church has started selling indulgences to the public, saying that the purchase of an indulgence will forgive them of their sins and guarantee their entrance into heaven. This is FALSE. The Pope does not have the power to forgive people of their sins.
These indulgences also do more harm than good. The church claims that once the coins used to pay for the indulgence hit the bottom of the chest, the person's soul flies out of the purgatory. This is not true. The only thing that grows from this situation is the greed of the corrupt leaders. As people purchase these indulgences and believe that they actually cleanse them of their sins, they lose faith in and fear of God. We are lead to believe that our souls are being saved, but in reality our spiritual growth is only declining.