By: Lindsey B

What does COPD mean?

COPD means Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. The air in the lungs is less than it should be in the body. A lot of people can get COPD from smoking. Actually, smoking is the most common way to get COPD. Smoking hurts your lungs and makes it where your lungs can not hold as much air as it usually should. You may get COPD from coughing a lot also from dust, or air pollution.

Famous people that have COPD!

Dean Martin

Christy Turlington

Johnny Carson

Leonard Bernstein

How to avoid getting COPD

Quitting smoking will give you the best results to not get the disease.

What causes COPD?

Cigarette smoking is the most common of COPD. Being around other people smoking can also give you a chance of getting the disease. You could also get COPD from chemicals in the air, air pollution, and Dust. If someone has COPD in your family, COPD may play a role in your life. When you grow up you might get COPD not from smoking, just because the genes in you're family tree.
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How can COPD ruin your life?

Not only can COPD kill you from smoking, it could also ruin you're family relationships.

If you don't stop smoking in front of your family, they could get COPD, from you. That would just cause tensions in the whole family!

What do i think of COPD in the world today?

To me, COPD is a serious disease. IT can happen to anybody at any age.When people smoke in front of you, you need to tell them to stop or go sit somewhere else. So you wont have a higher chance of getting COPD. The more it's advertised maybe the more people will see how bad it affects you're life. The more we talk about COPD the more we learn and the less chance we get it.

Stages of COPD

Their are 4 stages of COPD. 1 being the least and the 4 being the harmful stage of COPD. Males that smoke usually get COPD around the age 65. Symptoms generally show up after the age 40, but can also show up in your life unexpectedly at a young age.