The Water Help

Saving lives by providing fresh water

Let's Solve The Problem

Every Year around 500,00 kids die from diarrhea and water related-sickness. People don't have clean water or safe sanitation. How are we going to solve this problem?

In Africa people are dying from something we thought was harmless, Water. Children die from sickness, school children miss out on education to fetch dirty polluted water, women are burdened carrying water that weigh tons of pounds on their heads. Elderly people have to rely on people to get them water and also the disabled. Infants easily die due to the water, parents have to suffer heartbreaks of their loss children. Adolescent girls have problems when they hit puberty and they get bullied. People don't have proper sanitation and they have to do their business in the open which leads to diseases. Because of that many people get sick, theirs death, children die at a young age, school children miss out on school just to fetch dirty water, infants die, people are suffering for dirty water. How are we going to solve this problem.

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Our Solution

Our solution is to build solar powered water pumps along with wells. Why did we choose this? Well old regular water pumps need batteries to run and pump water, why not just use the worlds number one power of life, The Sun. We also decide to attach wells to the water pumps because, wells can dry out. The water from the water pump can keep the wells filled with water. We can also make a way where people don't have to walk far distances to get water. We'll build the water pumps and wells near the villages, keeping the women and children rim being burdened. There's also rainwater filtering, we can put the filters near tropical rainforest to collect fresh filtered water. Educating the people add to our solution. If we educate the people about the water and how they can use it, people will be saved. Hygiene training is important to people and if we educate the people they'll understand and make a cleaner environment. Water is an important source, as you know deforestation and desertification is also a problem. Saving one problem can save the rest. Water is a major source, and solving the crisis will help solve the rest their problems.

The Water Help Creation

Our production was created in 2015. We heard about Africa's environmental problems and from my point of view I thought the water crisis was more important. First of all the one major thing that led to this production was my thoughts. I thought about it, Africa's environmental problems consist of desertfication, deforestation, and the water crisis. If we solved one problem it'll save the rest. I chose the water crisis because, water is a real important source, if we figure out a way to get enough water for the environment, most of our problems can be solved. If we can have enough clean water, they can water the crops for food, water the land to prevent desertfication, change where animals graze and help the land reproduce. For desforestation, if we replant the seeds and have enough water to water them we can prevent soil erosion that leads to desertfication. All these major problems have a connection which makes a big problem, so if we figure out one way to solve this, we solve all the problems. I chose water because I thought, people survive a lot longer with water so it must be important. Because of all these ideas I brought together The Water Help was created.