Asteroid on path to hit earth

What's going to happen to the human race

Table Of Contents


1. Asteroids .VS. Meteor

2.Impact On Earth

3. Solutions To Stop An Asteroid

4. Safety Precautions To Take


Description And Size Difference Of Asteroids And Meteors


A asteroid is a large rock that floats around in space. Most of the asteroids in outer space are in the asteroid belt. asteroids are all in the shape of a ball because of the gravity in the inner and outer asteroid belt.


A meteor is just a flash of light in the sky. The flash of light happens when debris passes through the earths atmosphere. When the debris is done burning it practically burns it self up but whats left its called a meteor.

Impact On Earth

If a asteroid was to hit earth that was big enough to pass through our atmosphere and cause a global panic. One thing that might happen it might is it would shake the entire earth causing our atmosphere to change into a possibly unstable for us to live with anymore. The biggest recorded crater of a asteroid had a radius of 118 miles making it the biggest crater in world history. A asteroid hitting earth would change the atmosphere destroying all living this and make earth a uninhabitable planet. 2 meteors hit at the same time in history they landed in Sweden in the ocean and made the water come completely off the ground. They landed only 10 miles away from each at depths of 2,300 feet and 1,600 feet below sea level. There are now 2 craters under water in the water that in around Sweden. This are possible results of meteors hitting earth.

Solutions To Stop An Asteroid

This paragraph is about plenty of different ways to stop an asteroid. Here is 1 way to stop an asteroid, you can nuke it! That would completely destroy in into little bits, so it wouldn't impact our earth. My next way to stop an asteroid is to ensnare it, that means to shoot a really tight rope around it multiple times, so it is soft and won't effect us or do much damage. My next idea is to shoot a rocket at it, it will blow it so it won't hurt us in any way possible! My last way is to prepare for it! We can just barricade everything and go somewhere that it won't hit, people will most likely be able to tell when and where it will hit, so we will move where it isn't.

Safety Precautions To Take

There are plenty of ways to be safe when an asteroid is hurdling towards this planet, here are some. One way to be safe, is to barricade yourselves from the impact. It would not do that much, but it will help you more than the others. Another way is to make sure that you can know where the asteroid is coming to hit, so you can avoid that area at all times. My last way is to have a missile or nuke ready to blast when the asteroid is somewhat near us. It will destroy in into bits, there can still be some big chunks coming, but it's better than a huge asteroid coming at us. Those are my ways to be safe if a missile is blasting towards us.