School Lunches-The Good and the Bad

School Lunch Overview

School lunches have always been a source of mystery. School lunches have been laughed at and used as comic relief because of the questionably of what is in them. Lately, the government as claimed that school lunches are healthier and abide by the newly changed code. Belle Pham and I went to work and tried to find out if schools are providing what is needed for students around the country.

School lunches and What's in Them

Schools around the country have been serving the same thing for years. Yet most schools, even though they say otherwise, have not been serving the right things. Most school lunches have 475-500 calories in them. This is enough for some middle school kids, yet too much for kids under the age of eight. Yet on the flip side, kids in high school aren't getting enough. So this means that some kids are wasting food, while others are scarping their plates and wishing for more. But even though this has been glaringly obvious, the school and government had done nothing until 2012. Even though the government claims to have made changes, not all the schools are implying these changes. The quality of the food still remains questionable, and although the portions have changed some, they still aren't completely right.

School Lunch Changes

Although school lunches are still not what they should be, they have been improved as of late. The government changed the school lunch standards from the same portions for all grades to smaller ones for the younger kids and bigger potions for the older ones. The government has also made the new lunch policy include healthier options, and make the kids get a fruit or a vegetable serving at every meal. And there are now at least two different options of sides to go with each meal. The country has come a long way to making horrible school lunches a thing of the past, but we still have a long way to go.

School Lunch Conclusion

Through our research, we have concluded that, though school lunches are definitely better than what they used to be, they definitely have a long way to go. The schools aren't providing everything needed for all the students, and that the lunches aren't what they should be. School lunches have a big need, that has got to be filled.