Cheese Taste Test

Made By :Emmarose, Ryan, Nate, Alisha

Write Up

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If we gave people Kraft,Saputo/Alto, and BelGioioso cheese then they would choose Kraft because it is more known than the other two brands


The experiment we did was we would hand people three types of cheese and had them figure out with one they like best and had them fill out a google form to show what their favorite cheese brand was.

Materials List

60 oz of Kraft cheese

60 oz of Saputo/Alto cheese

60 oz of BelGioioso cheese

3 times as many toothpicks as cheese

A tray to put the napkins and cheese on.

130 napkins for 130 people you may need more.


Step 1: Buy two blocks of 30 oz of Kraft,Saputo/Alto ,and BelGioioso cheeses

Step 2: Cut all of cheese blocks into small cubes.

Step 3:Put toothpicks into all of the cheese cubes.

Step 4 :Put three different types of cheese cubes on three napkins.
Step 5: Follow the randomizing sheet with the numbers and changing the order with each new person.
Step 6:Put a napkin with the cheese on the tray.
Step 7:Invite people to come taste your cheese
Step 8: When the people are done hand them the ipad so they can fill out the form that you have designed.


Our observations were that most people liked Saputo/Alto cheese. They liked Saputo/Alto cheese 45.2% of the time,Kraft 32.3%, and BelGioioso 22.6%.


Our hypothesis is Rejected because we predicted that Kraft would be the winner, but it was Saputo/Alto.

Data Support

Our support is that the most people that we tested liked Saputo.