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Savannah Gunn,

My name is Fargus and I have a problem with the new Neuro Headsets. I find them very addicting and I cant take it off. I'm currently writing this with one right now. It's become a problem. I haven't eaten or slept in a while. Any advice?


The only thing I cant tell you is to get rid of it. Remove the problem at it's source and just throw it away or sell it. If you sell it you could get money and buy some better things that you may want. it's important that you eat and sleep. It's very unhealthy if you don't. Your family must be worried. Just hang out with your friends or something when your bored.

Savannah Gunn


Brain Jack is being turned into a movie! It takes place in dystopian times and has many action scenes for those of you who like the sci-fi futuristic type of stuff! Sam Wilson is a 17 year old boy who is a hacking genius. There is a new technology called Neuro Headsets that replace computer keyboards. Just slip one on and it's the internet at the speed of thought. For Sam, these are a must. When he gets familiar with these things he come to a terrifying thought. If anything in a computer is vulnerable to hacking, then does that mean his mind could be hacked? He is faced with an unforeseen threat. Can he save the human race from being deleted?

Dylan O'Brien will be playing the starring role as Sam Wilson

Feature Article

When Swamp Witch put on her headset she was attacked somehow. Sam is curious and so is his friend Dodge. They wanted to find out more. Dodge put on the headset completely ignoring the dangers. Then he was immediately attacked. Everyone in the room turned to look at them. They pointed their fingers at Sam accusingly. His other friend, Kiwi, looked at him and said, "It was you. You did it. You attacked swamp witch." Sam didn't know what was going on. But he figured that the people wearing the headsets were being given false information. He was right. So now his friend Kiwi no longer had that joking smile or that bright personality. He was no longer the funny Kiwi he used to be. He stared at his friend, and then went to pick up Dodge who had now fallen on the floor. Kiwi tried to get them but he didn't. Sam ran away hauling Dodge at the same time. Now they had the agents following them. They picked up Vienna on the way and she had no idea what was going on. They drove away and found some disguises, but they were found again. What will happen? Will they get away and fix everything?

Neuro Headset for sale

I've got a Neuro Headset that I have no use for and I want to sell it. Just put it on and it's internet at the speed of light. It makes it to where you don't even need to put your hands on the keyboard. I'm selling it for $100. Take it or leave it. It makes life so much easier!


The Neuro Headset! The new Neuro Headset makes it so much easier to work on your computer. You don't even need to put your hands on the keyboard to type! Just put the headset on and It's amazing. It runs so fast. You can play games on it without even opening your eyes! You have to get this! They are sold online or at your local electronic store! No more slow internet! Who wouldn't want this?