David Lukula 1/11/16,7th

Reflection #1

Grew as an avid student.I learned a lot of new techniques,I helped the homeless,and i even got to got on a field trip.Avid is a Really good experience.


One of my strategies was i used a TRF.A TRF helps you with a class subject that you are confused with.Then we have a tutorial group at class of sudents that all help you figure out what you dont understand.


Cornell Notes

Cornell notes is a type of note taking system.Cornell notes can help you study and will improve your grade.Also if you are having a problem with a subject you can look at your Cornell notes and they will help you out.


Public Speaking

Pubic Speaking is a major thing in life.You can use public speaking if you want to talk to a little group or in front a lot of people.Avid can help you in a long term.


Community Service

At AVID we did a lot of community service.We were giving thanksgiving meals to people who cant afford them.We carried boxes so that we can load it a give it to homeless people.



tutorials are groups when you and you friends help you with a hard subject.Then they all ask you questions about the subject you are having trouble with.This group is very effective.

Quick Writes

In avid we do quick writes to put all of our info into paper in a short period of time.These quick writes help because it makes you ready for exams in the future.



To keep the growth i will keep participating in all activities.I will try to pay attention in class.And i will be sucuessful