iPad Basics

Topic Needs Assessment

Our school just received 2 new iPad carts with 20 iPads on each cart. The teachers are eager and excited about the new carts. The teachers are eager to use the iPads with their students but are apprehensive about using new technology with their students. The in-service project we are planning for our faculty is one in-service on using the new iPads. This in-service will teach our faculty how to utilize the iPads and explain the benefits of them in the classroom. The in-service will show teachers some basic functions of an iPad. After talking with several teachers throughout the school, they all say they are not sure of how to use the iPads and how to implement them into lessons. Teachers sometimes are intimidated by the students’ knowledge of technology and their own lack of knowledge. Thus the need to have a half a day workshop to train teachers on how to use their iPads as well as introduce them to some great educational apps.

Audience Needs Assessment

Most teachers have computers and projectors in their rooms. Some teachers are willing and ready to move on to the next stage of technology, while others are resistant. iPads are a great starting point for all levels of technology. The iPad is very user friendly and great for beginners or experts.

Needs Assessment Survey

Select Instructional Objectives

From the survey results, the following objectives for the workshop were developed.

  • The learner will successfully operate the Settings Features.
  • The learner will successfully operate the Camera and its features.
  • The learner will successfully operate the restriction options.
  • The learner will successfully locate and download useful apps for use on the iPad.
  • The learner will be introduced to new apps that can be used in their classrooms.
  • At the conclusion of the in-service the learner will be able to:

    • Turn on and off an iPad
    • Navigate through pages on an iPad to find apps
    • Customize settings such as brightness, Internet connections, and sounds
    • Open and use Safari for Internet browsing
    • Open and use the App Store for purchasing and downloading apps
    • Enable and change restrictions for student controls
    • Use apps such as:

    Spelling City


    Math Drills

    Banana Math

    Nat. Geo Today

    Kids Discover

    Sono Flex Light

    Bugs and Buttons


The teachers will be given a half day release for training, as well as continued education credit in STI Professional Development. PTO will also provide refreshments.

Plan Materials and Activities

Materials Needed:



Smart Board

iPad Workshop Agenda