Bollywood vs Hollywood

By: Emma G, Meg H, Ryanne H, and Beth S


Bollywood: Born in 1899, started with a short film

Hollywood: Born in 1910, started with a biography melodrama

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1. Bollywood makes more films, but Hollywood has larger movie earnings and spends more on movie production.

2. The typical length of a Bollywood movie is three hours with the inclusion of an intermission, while in Hollywood the typical length is a bit shorter at around 2 hours.

3. Hollywood uses various themes and issues, some about human sensitivity and reality. On the other hand, Bollywood is centered on family, drama, and music.

4. The languages used in these movies are Hindi or “Hindish” (a combination of English and Hindi). While in Hollywood, movies are made in english.

5. Hollywood movies and stars are more recognizable and influential than Bollywood movies.

6. Hollywood uses special effects and other advanced technology in its movie production.


Average Marketing Cost per Film

Bollywood Hollywood

$500,000 $27.3 million

Although Hollywood spends a lot more money on special effects, locations, travel, cameras, and all the other things that go along with producing films, they make more money out of each film, and attract a larger audience.

Annual Growth Rate

Bollywood Hollywood

12.6% 5.6%

Hollywood is more famous out of the two, but with India's growing population, they could soon be on top.

Films Per Year

Bollywood Hollywood

1000 500

World Wide Audience

Bollywood Hollywood

3 billion 2.6 billion

Yearly Income

Bollywood makes about $1.75 billion per year. That's only 1/2 of what Walt Disney makes.

Salman Khan

Known as Bollywood's "bad boy", he performs in many popular Bollywood films. He is known for his smile, dancing style, and muscular physique.
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Katrina Kaif

She is a very famous Bollywood actress. Before acting she was a model, and featured in commercials. She was not originally from India, but from Hawaii and London, moving to India later in her life but is now booming in the film industry.
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