Stellar Guide

By Natalya Johnson and Alyssa Antoine

Learn how elements are identified in stars

The elements in a star are identified by using spectroscopy using a spectrograph. The spectrograph splits or disperses the light of an object into wavelengths so that it could be recorded and analyzed.

How is this helpful for astronomers?

This is helpful to astronomers because they can get information about temperature,density, composition, and an important physical process of an astronomical object.

More Examples

Astronomers also use the Doppler effect to determine if the object is moving toward or away from you by the change of frequency of the wavelength.

Spectra Of Elements

About Natalya and Alyssa

Natalya and Alyssa became classmates in September of 2015. They then realized that they have to same interests and created a project educating people about a Stellar Guide!