1930's Football!

Gaby Lopez Period-8th

What were some things happening in football in the 1930's

In 1936, all of the players could sign up for free. in 1935 the owners of the league came up with a plan for college player draft. The very first draft had only nine rounds but later on, it increased to ten rounds in 1937. In 1939, it then increased to twenty rounds per game. Something that not many people know is that football games used to be played indoors. The fields were covered with saw dust and animal dung from a circus that has been held there before

1930's Football

-The 1930's NFL Season was the eleventh season in NFL.

-Green bay Packers in the 1930's were names champions for the second straight year.

-The very first play off game was played in 1932. It was between the Chicago Bears and the Portsmouth Spartans

-The first televised football game was aired on October 22nd, 1939.

-Davey O' Brian was drafted by the Philadelphia eagles in 1939.

-NFL salaries collapsed during the great depression.

Wayne Millner

Wayne went to Notre Dame college. he played for the Washington Redskins. His career started in 1936 and it ended in 1941. He had two long touchdown catches. One of them was 55 yards and the other was 78 yards. Him and his team beat the Chicago Bears in 1937. He has been in the Hall Of Fame.