When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit

Judith Kerr


What if you are 10 years old and you have never heard of Hitler or Nazis before. Well this is the life of Anna. It's 1933 In Berlin Germany where Anna and her family lives. Anna is Jewish. On day Anna comes home from school and her mom tells her that they are moving to Switzerland. Anna's mom doesn't tell her, all she says that her dad is there already and will meet them there Once they get there they stay three for a few weeks then they move to France and then finally end up in England. They question is why did they move to these places and why is there dad so worried about being a Jew? Find out in When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit!


It's about Anna's adventures. It starts from well she is at a new school trying to leaden the new customs. Also the secrets her mom and dad are hiding from her, like why did they ever go to Switzerland, France, and England. The lesson of the story was to do what is right even if it means you have to risk something.

Historical Facts

The way the author out the used the facts was interesting. For example in Switzerland the way they show there love is by throwing rocks at the person. Also they way she said everything was very defined. She would have to done a lot of research to get all these great facts!