Victory Gardens


All across the country, during WWII, rationing was being enforced. To help Americans deal with the lack of produce, they were encouraged to plant gardens at home to supply for their own families. These home gardens soon adopted the name of "Victory Gardens".

Victory Garden- a garden planted at home to help supply for a family during a time of war

Why was it so important to plant a “Victory Garden”?

  • Canned foods were being rationed and sent to soldiers.
  • Allowed for a larger stretch or ration in their food coupons.
  • Food Coupons- the amount of certain foods each person was allowed to purchase over a certain amount of time.
  • All sorts of transportation were being used to haul soldiers, vehicles, and weapons, thus leaving Americans to survive on locally grown food instead of transported goods.

What did the "Victory Gardens" accompish?

  • More than 20 million Victory Gardens were planted across the United States.
  • 40% of all vegetables grown in the United States during 1944 were grown in Victory Gardens.
  • Over one million tons of vegetables were grown in Victory Gardens during the war.
Victory Gardens in World War II