201 Update

all the going ons from the #1 class on the 2nd floor

Week of April 4th 2016


On Monday we have our Sound School performance at the Orange Peel. Every 2nd grade class in Asheville City Schools will be there performing. The performance is slated to start at 9:45 and should last til about 11:30. Claxton will be performing first and we are scheduled to go on at 9:55 and our performance should last about 10 minutes.

You are invited to come and watch, and you are welcome to stay through the whole thing or just leave after our school performs.

Please call or email if you have any questions. Hope to see you there!

This Week In Learning!

  • Reading- We have begun studying poetry this quarter. We have been looking at rhyme, alliteration, and rhythm. We have also been working on discussion meaning of the poems we read.
  • Writing- This week we are continuing to work on writing fables, and begin to work on creating poems of our own.
  • Math- This week we have started working on measuring. We are starting with centimeters, and understanding starting points, standard units.
  • FUNdations- This week we finish up our vowel team unit that make the long /O/ sound; ow, oe, and oa.
  • Science- We are continuing our quarter long unit on sound. We will experiment to gain an understanding of the relationship between sound and vibrating objects.
  • Social Studies- This quarter we will be learning about various cultures influence their communities.

career fair pictures

Upcoming Dates and Reminders

  • Monday Apr. 11th Field trip to the Orange Peel 8:50-11:15