Zero Tolerance

Author: Claudia Mills

About The Book

Zero Tolerance is a book that has to do with a young girl named Sierra Shepard who is always getting A's in her classes. One day her life changed when she was in a hurry and toke her mother's lunch bag which looks exactly the same as her owns. When it was time for lunch at her school Sierra and her friends Celeste,Lexi, and Em were sitting at the same table when sierra opened her lunch bag and found a knife used for her mother to cut her apple and a sandwich. Sierra was taken to the office to see the principal Mr. Besser.

The next day Sierra and her mother and mother went to the school office to meet with the principal Mr. Besser. When Mr. Besser arrived he took Sierra and her mother and father to his office. In the office Mr. Besser told them because of what happen with the knife. Sierra and her parents found out Sierra would be part of an in school suspension until a hearing is in place for expulsion. Sierra parents wanted to take sierra home until the hearing but she couldn't. Sierra father got the local news channel for a interview. The news showed up at sierras school almost every day.

At the end of the book the hearing was taking place and the local news was there, Sierra, Sierra parents, and Sierra friends were all at the hearing. During the hearing people found out that a lot of people were expelled for bringing things to school that they can't have even though they din't know that had them.

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