social studies project



this is an example of agriculture. It is an example of agriculture because they produce a type of crop growing.This sunflower farm is located on sand wich road in Ferris Texas. They grow sunflowers for people to eat the seeds.

wholesale industry

Costco is a example of a wholesale industry. I know this because they sale their items pre- packaged. The items at Costco are tangible because you can touch them physically.This Costco is located in cedar hill Texas.

service industrys

Retail industry's


Walmart in an example of a retail industry because it provides goods to consumers to make a profit. It is located on Ryan Drive.


brookshires is an example of a retail industry because this business sales goods to consumers.It is located on ovilla road red oak texas.


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This is an example of a manufacturing industry because the business is in a large factory using machinery. This Triumph is located on 300 Austin BLVD red oak Texas.