World Heritage Southeast

January 2018 Newsletter


I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season - which seems to get busier and start earlier every year!

We are entering our host family recruitment season for the class of 2018-19 so read on for a few updates!

There is no ONE way to make placements!!!!

Finding and recruiting qualified host families is truly a group effort. To place all of our students, everyone needs to do their part. From my end, I am contacting past families, leads and representatives. But its important to remember that YOU are the face of World Heritage in your community. YOU are the one who can build the personal relationships with area schools, churches, community groups and families. The students are relying you YOU!


  1. Call, email, Facebook current and past host families. Remember, even if I'm doing it, they need a local touch.
  2. Contact Schools go in person and leave both INBOUND and OUTBOUND materials for language teachers and counselors. Leave YOUR info with them.
  3. Talk to the PTA - see if they will add you to their weekly update with a "blurb" about host families
  4. Ask if you can set up a table: Conferences, International Night, Basketball games - any time parents will be in the building - then you want to be there too!
  5. Neighborhood Newsletters: I have had great success with
  6. Churches: can you talk to the Youth Group, mothers club, mens club, newsletters
  7. Scout Groups: see above - especially for Unit meetings - which is when the leaders of several area troops meet to exchange information.
  8. Keep trying!
  9. Stay in touch!!

The key to completing a placement is timing - BE QUICK TO RESPOND!!!

1. Be sure the family completes the entire application. If they leave any info off, the database will automatically send them an email requesting the missing information, such as a SS#, maiden name, etc.

2. Set up the home visit. "I'll be in your area later this week, how does Thursday sound? Will everyone be there?" TAKE A PICTURE OF EVERYONE AT THE HOME VISIT (this is new!)

3. Tell them all the wonderful benefits host families enjoy! Take 6 pictures while you're there (living room, exterior, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, family). Fill out the Home Visit form while its fresh in your mind. YOUR OPINIONS COUNT!!! Use an e signature (let me know if you need help on this one).

4. Contact the 3 references listed.

5. Contact the school for space - especially if you have a relationship with the school. I can help you with this step as well.

6. Send everything on to me - doesn't matter what order!!


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The following must be completed for the 2nd stipend payment:

  • all placement paperwork, pics
  • student and family orientation postcard - signed and dated
  • 2 activities with your students - entered in the database
  • 1 school contact to the guidance counselor
  • contact reports for BOTH students and parents for months 1- 5 (in database)
  • 1 in person contact per semester - this is located at the top of your contact report



Stephanie McKenzie - Chattanooga, TN

Courtney Peters - Madison, GA

Shacorra Edmonds - Columbus, GA