GLOBAL CITIZEN in Oaxaca, Mexico

Teaching English, the opportunity you can't miss

Hello, greetings from Mexico

My name is Lia Velasco, the VP iGCDP in Oaxaca, Mexico.

Today I'm offering you an opportunity to make an impact in this beautiful city.

We are looking for one 3EPs who will teach English to young students and share the their cuture with them. We are very commited to give the EP the best experience we can give them. Contact me as soon as you can.


Starting day: July 5th

End day: August 16th

Duration: 6 Weeks

What do we offer?

 Pick up from the local airport or bus station

 Incoming preparation seminar is provided

 Accommodation included and provided by a local host family

 One hot meal per day is provided

 Buddy included

 One tour around Oaxaca city is included


Native or excellent English is required

Basic Spanish is prefered.

Check this TN, It's similar to the English one we're about to open. The audience will be kids and teenagers.


Watch this! The last person in this video is in Oaxaca city
Why Mexico?

To know more about Oaxaca city, visit the link below.

We want EP's to enjoy our biggest festival here in Oaxaca. It is held on July and we will take them to the main event that is called the Guelaguetza.
Guelaguetza Oaxaca, la máxima expresión cultural de América