Press-Fit Snowflake

Inventor, 123D Make, Adobe illustrator, Laser engraver


My project is a press fit cardboard snowflake. It was designed on Auto desk Inventor, assembled in 123D make then cut out on the laser engraver.

Caption: Model of what the snowflake should look like on Autodesk 123D Make


This product would be be desirable to anyone looking for winter related decorations. They could be hung up or propped up in order to give a winter feeling to room or party. It is a simple design that would be used purely as aesthetics.

Price: 90 cents


One obstacle I ran while creating this product was using radial slices. The design of my snowflake didn't allow the axis pieces to be placed anywhere but the very top of my piece because the connected pieces would have to be placed in closed areas with no way of getting them there. This created a very weak design so I had to hot glue the center part together to make the structure more sturdy.

Caption: Completed Final Design


In this project I successfully making a 3D model in Autodesk Inventor and creating a press fit structure of a snowflake. I have become proficient in autodesk Inventor and can now create basic design and know important features. I am very proud on how the design turned out, it turned out simple yet professionally looking.