Brittany Young, Lindsey Janssen, Allie Pachl, Allison Amelse

The Role of the Organization in Darfur

This website is a powerful movement of activists, faith leaders, students, artists, & genocide survivors that want to bring an end to the suffering in Darfur and other areas in Sudan that are under attack.

To do this they keep in close contact with Darfur and Sudanese civil society groups to get present information on the situation on the ground and coordinate efforts. They also put pressure on Obama to speak out forcefully to the president to end the violence. They also demand legislative help to protect those at risk in Darfur and demand renewal of the document to keep peacekeepers in Darfur.

How is designed to protect human rights?

They have three main goals to protect human rights. They have protection, they demand free and unfettered access for international aid and strengthening the international peacekeeping force. They want peace, they are working to end human rights violations, promote democratic transformation and create peace. They have accountability, they call for the imposition of sanctions on anyone who provides weapons to Sudan or fails to execute arrest warrants against Sudanese officials, including President Bashir.

The Human Rights that are being protected by this group's work are: We are all free and equal, Don’t discriminate, the right to life, The right to privacy, Workers’ rights, The right to education, and most importantly A free and fair world.

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Who supports their mission? How do they get money/resources to do their work? is supported by people who donate money to their cause and support the organization. That money goes towards supporting their three main goals: protection, peace, and accountability.

Success in Darfur

The Save Darfur website has raised $2.6 million dollars for helping the genocide in Darfur

What their authority is to address the mission?

They do not really have a big authority because they depend on volunteers to donate to the cause. But they do urge authorities such as President Obama to speak out against the genocide. They are also encouraging people to tell the U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, Samantha Power, and other people of the Security Council, that they need to stand up for the people of Darfur.
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