Manage My Money - Growth 30% per Month

Test MMM Out: Get Your Money Back in 7 Days: Leave Your 7% Gain To Grow At 30% Till Month End.

The basic principle of this program is the following:
A participant is credited with a bonus in the amount of the provided help.
The maximum allowed PH amount in MAVRO-Mining is R700.
The participant will be able to quickly confirm getting help, withdraw it and then provide help again in Mining or even in Mavro-30% / Mavro-50%.

Here are the conditions:

1) Bonus at a rate of 7% is credited to the provided help.
2) The amount of help can be R100 to R700
3) MAVRO will grow (MAVRO-30% are credited) after release (they are frozen for 7 days from the moment of PH request creation).
4) Each participant is allowed to make a contribution with the program MMM-Mining for unlimited number of times. The only condition is that you have to first wait until Mavro of the previous request in Mining are released before you can provide help with this program again.
5) Referral and Guider’s bonuses will not be added to the contributions in Mining.

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