Great Barrier Reef Changes

Human and Environmental Impact on the Great Barrier Reef

Human Impact on The Great Barrier Reef

Overfishing and pollution are two big problems that are destroying the ecosystems of the reef. Aggressive fishing can cause disruption to food chains vital to life on the reef. Fishing also impacts the reef through increased pollution from boats, by-catch of unwanted species and reef habitat destruction from anchors and nets. City development and farming off of Australia’s coast is harming the coral reef with dangerous runoff and sedimentation that may destruct the fragile reefs.

Environmental Impact on The Great Barrier Reef

The environment poses a huge threat on the reefs. Lots of people think that the most significant threat to the reef is climate changes, or the El Nino effect which is rooted in the tropical Pacific Ocean, and occurs every 3 to 7 years. Another big issue is coral bleaching. Many of the corals at the upper edge of Australia are getting bleached. If the water doesn’t cool within a month, the coral will die of starvation. Another environmental issue in the reefs is Crown of Thorns Starfish. These Starfish are a coral reef predator that preys on coral reef polyps.

Environmental Threats

The Great Barrier Reef was full of diverse marine life and new research shows it is also in steep decline, with half of the reef vanishing in the past twenty seven years.