Stress Management


When can you use this technique of stress management?

Whenever you feel stressed and motivated to get out and run around! Physical activity such as exercise is one of the best ways to relieve any type of stress, according to doctors. And who doesn't like going on a bike ride on a nice day? Or maybe going outside isn't your type of thing. Try a yoga class, or a Zumba one.

How to

It's easy! Go outside and go on a run or a bike ride! Or run around with friends or family. But not everyone likes going outside. Like mentioned above, you can participate in a yoga or dance class also!

Why is this such a great way to cope with stress?

Doctors have proven that self harming, binge eating or drinking, and hurting others is a bad way to cope. Exercise is an awesome stress management technique because it can help get your mind off that stress just as much as any of those bad techniques can, and it can also help get you into the habit of working out.