Every drop Counts! by Alexia Zammit

Do you know that every day we are wasting water? It’s true. We need water to survive and we are using so much water it’s unbelievable.

What would happen if we keep on wasting water?

Imagine if you were going to have a shower and turn it to hot when the water just stops? And you keep on flicking it up and down but it still wasn’t working. That’s how it would feel if we keep wasting water this is what you need to do to stop wasting water louder and lastly have shorter showers and get a front loader instead of a top loader. Also, remember that with taps make sure you turn them right off because if the tap is on all night that wastes a lot of water

Where does water come from?

Water comes from clouds and the water cycle. First it Evaporates there is Condensation and lastly there is Precipitation. We use don’t want to keep on wasting water or all of those things will go. Water for so many things like pools, baths showers taps and lots lots more you

How is water wasted?

Water is wasted by long baths, long shower, washing machines but the worst one is sprinkles every hour the sprinkles use 1,000 litres and you don’t really need the sprinkles right now though people still use them.