Coca Cola Museum Trip

By: Aidan

The Perfect Trip

Do you want to have fun, learn cool things, and drink Coke all in a school day? If so then you would love going to the Coca Cola Museum for our class field trip.If you love to have fun which most of you do I hope, this trip is for you.
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Museum of natural Coke

The Coke Museum would be a very fun field trip.First of all it would be fun because just riding there would be awesome!You would get to talk with friends laugh but you would still have to follow the rules.It would take a hour and 30 minutes to an hour and it would be 39.9 miles . You would get to learn about interesting stuff like them making the bottles and the Coke. And look at cool pictures, and go cool places.

Well who knew about that?

If you have never been to the museum you would love it. Its a great experience!You would learn some pretty cool ingredients .Like you would learn about mixtures and chemical changes when mixing the ingredients to make Coke.You would probably learn a little about history and what he went through to make it and much more interesting facts.
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Best part of all!

The absolute best part is you get to drink Coke! Who doesn't like Coke?Yeah its not the best thing to drink but just a little wont kill anyone.You can drink different kinds of Coke from all over the world.China,Curia,Asia, and lots more.And for those don't want to drink Coke don't have to.There are drink dispensers with other drinks.

Coke, Coke,COKE!!!

All of these are great reasons to go to the Coca Cola Museum.Lots of people would love it and you would too!This is why we should go to the Coca Cola Museum!

You know you want some!

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